Whitetail Deer

The Whitetail is a medium-sized deer native to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America. Their coat is a reddish-brown in the spring and summer and turns to a grey-brown throughout the fall and winter. The deer can be recognized by the characteristic white underside to its tail, which it shows as a signal of alarm by raising the tail during escape.

The North American buck usually weighs from 130 to 300 pounds but can sometimes exceed 375 pounds. Height sometimes reaches 40 inches. Males re-grow their antlers every year. The antlers begin to grow in late spring, covered with a highly vascularised tissue known as velvet.

Whitetail eat large varieties of food, due to their four-chambered stomach. Each chamber has a different function that allows it to quickly eat a variety of different food, digesting it at a later time in a safe area of cover.