Watusi1v2We are a member of and our herd is registered with the World Watusi Association. We can supply your needs from a prize bull or heifer to a full herd.

Ankole-Watusi are a breed of cattle native to Africa. They have huge, distinctive horns similar to the Texas Longhorn, but different in that the circumference is far greater. They are descendants of the Aurochs who became extinct in the 17th century. For over 6,000 years they have played a pivotal role in the lives of African tribes, providing food, currency and tribal status. The Watusi are often referred to as the “Cattle of Kings”.

Watusi2v2Their large horns are honeycombed with blood vessels, and are used to thermo-regulate in hot temperatures. Blood moving through the horns is cooled by moving air, and then flows back into the body and lowers the animal’s body temperature. Their digestive systems have the ability to utilize poor quality and limited quantities of food and water, helping them survive for many centruries.

Watusi first came to America in the 1960′s when Walter Schultz imported two bulls from Scandinavia and a female from Europe. Thanks to the efforts of private breeders, zoos, and associations, this magnificent animal is no longer endangered.