Grant’s Zebra

The Grant’s Zebra is the smallest of six subspecies of the Plains Zebra. They range in Zambia, near the Democratic Republic of the Congo and can also be found in southwestern Kenya as well as Somalia.

They have excellent eyesight, a keen sense of smell and are able to run at high speeds. Grant’s Zebras are vertically striped in front, horizontally on the back legs, and diagonally on the rump and hind flanks. This causes a v-shaped junction pattern about the middle of the sides. Grant’s Zebras average 53 inches in height and weigh as much as 700 pounds.

Typically horse-like grazers, they go about in large herds mingling with other game. They are shy and nervous, but they are also somewhat pugnacious and have been known to defend themselves with vigor, kicking both backwards with the hind feet and forwards with the front, as well as biting savagely.