The Double B River Ranch consists of approximately 2,000 acres that sit on the Leon River just outside Comanche, Texas. Comanche is just a short drive from many of the metro areas such as Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene and Austin. Our main ranch headquarters is high fenced and is where we hunt our exotics and whitetail.

The Double B River Ranch specializes in safe and enjoyable trophy hunts, offering only mature superior animals. We do not take deposits and if you do not see what we described or what you want, there is no charge. To date, all of our hunters have harvested their animals with a one-hundred percent success rate.

We offer exotic hunting year-round and whitetail hunting during the Texas whitetail season. We can accommodate any hunting need, from corporate hunts to first time hunters. We especially like to work with young hunters. We can even hunt husband and wife teams together without the need for a divorce.

We also raise registered Watusi Cattle along with Angus, Zebra, Buffalo, Mongolian Yak, and Grant’s Zebra.

See our animals page for more information on our animals. If you plan to bow hunt, please advise us before you come.